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  • 2018 - Australian AVC Competition

2018 - Australian AVC Competition

  • 5 Feb 2018
  • 4 Jun 2018


  • $100 cost for members school teams registration.

    Australian AVC Competition is ONLY available to members of the iiate.

Registration is closed

Australian Aeronautical Velocity Challenge

The Australian Aeronautical Velocity Challenge is a STEM initiative focused on addressing Australia’s shortage of scientists and engineers.Over 700 students were involved in regional final events in 2017 and nearly 200 progressed to the state finals to share in the $5000 student prize pool.

There are three strands to the competition - Bottle Rockets, Propeller Powered Planes & Drones. Design teams partake in challenges to design, produce and battle their creations whilst aiming to achieve maximum velocity and distance travelled. Students compete in teams of up to FOUR students in either the primary, junior (Years 7-9) or senior (Years 10-12) division.

The two stages of competition are:

Regional THEN National - $100 per team (student teams MUST be associated with iiate members)

*The National registration must be paid by 28th May

This competition is an ideal opportunity for schools, students, teachers, community and local industry to engage in practical numeracy and literacy activities in a fun and innovative engaging environment in the pursuit of becoming a regional, state or NATIONAL CHAMPION.

DOCUMENTATION LINK includes details such as:

- Risk Assessments

- Assembly instructions

- Lease agreements

** The National AVC Competition is only open to members of the iiate ** 

*It is the registering teachers responsibility to read all competition requirements, terms and conditions.

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