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iTE organises events throughout the year with the goal of providing professional development and networking opportunities for our members. 

    • 24 Nov 2021
    • 8:30 AM (UTC+11:00)
    • 26 Nov 2021
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Sydney Masonic Centre - 66 Goulburn St, Sydney

    Institute of Technology Education - Annual Teachers Conference

    Institute of Technology Education Conference Invitation.

    (click on the heading above if you need a copy to present to your school)

    The content presented at this conference relates directly to the teaching of STEM, Technology, Engineering and Industrial Arts curriculum.

    Over the three days of the conference Teachers are provided with the opportunity for networking, resource sharing, skill development and advancement, and to be kept abreast of current and future directions in STEM education, focusing on Engineering, Technologies, Industrial Arts and/or TAS.

    Your ITE membership must be current to receive member discounts on Conference tickets.

    Not yet a member? Please contact our membership admin for information on how to join.


    There are FIVE events across three days that can be ticketed separately or bundled at a saving. Guests are welcome to attend the evening events (extra tickets can be added to orders).

    Wednesday 24th November: Day One
    ‘Hands On’ Technology - An all day immersive session allowing attendees to learn, practice and embed by focusing on one area for the whole day. Locations vary, they are based on the workshop as some require specialist materials and are run by our partner organisations. 

    9:00 – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration)

    Wednesday 24th November: Conference Welcome Evening

    A collegial event that focuses on networking with finger food. Guests are welcome to attend.

    6:00pm – 10:00pm          

    Thursday 25th November: Day Two

    Mix of short workshops, keynotes, presentations and our interactive Tech Expo. The workshops have limited numbers and are only available for selection once payment is made. 
    9:00am – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration)    

    Thursday 25th November: Conference Dinner

    A three-course dinner event including guest speakers and annual award presentations. Guests are welcome to attend.
    6:30pm – 10:30pm          

    Friday 26th November: Day Three

    Mix of short workshops, keynotes, presentations and our interactive Tech Expo. The workshops have limited numbers and are only available for selection once payment is made. 
    9:00am – 4:30pm (8:15am for first day registration)   


    Topics are still to be confirmed and are subject to change. 

    Shane Fitzsimmons - Head of Resilience NSW, previously Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Person of the Year.

    Mike Sutton – ‘After the fires, how will our forests recover?’ Manager Innovation and Research, Forestry Corporation NSW

    Malcolm Hartley – ‘50 years of Architectural and Engineering History of this Iconic Building’ SMC Facilities Manager

    Prof. Alan Davison – Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Science,  School of Education, UTS

    Prof. Myriam Amielh – Assoc Dean Faculty of Engineering and IT, External Engagement, UTS

    Mark Tyler – NESA Inspector


    Click this link to see a summary of the Wednesday All Day Workshops - summary.docx 

    • Note that there is an additional 'Hands On' workshop on Tuesday.
    • Note that the Blade Sharpening workshop is suitable for TAS Lab assistants to attend

    Click this link to see a summary of the 60 min workshops summary for website.docx

    • The day the workshop will be presented has not yet been set and more workshops are still to be confirmed.
    • Some  60 min workshops may be repeated each day.
    • Some Wednesday 'Hands On' workshops may be repeated in a shortened form on Thursday and/or Friday.

    Please note the TechExpo workshops are not yet confirmed.

    2021 Conference Tickets Prices

    There is no GST component in the cost of the conference as the ITE is exempt from GST

    1 day rate (any day)

    2 day rate (any two days)

    3 day rate

    Conference Welcome 

    Conference Dinner

    Early bird

    (Members only)

    Payment received by 14th August








    Payment received by Nov 11th







    Payment received by Nov 11th








    Payment received after Nov 11th







    Payment received after Nov 11th







    Payment received by Nov 11th







    Payment received by Nov 11th



    General Conference Enquiries:

    Astrid Perdriau -

    Terms and Conditions:

    - Registration/tickets cannot be purchased under another member's name to receive discounts.

    - the one registration cannot be split across more than one person.

    - Students must provide proof of current study to receive student rate.

    - Payments are to be completed before the cut off dates otherwise they will be invoiced at the higher rate. (LMBR schools will need to show evidence that they have submitted the request for payment).

    - Once you have submitted registration, you are committing to attend the conference and must pay.

    - Any cancellations must be made before October 31st to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after October 31st will not be fully refunded. In the case of another COVID-19 outbreak after this date, full refunds will be issued.

    - NESA is insisting upon much more accountability, from course providers and attendees of full attendance at all endorsed events for the specified time before course participants can be given their hours. ITE will be using digital scans for attendance, it is the responsibility of the attendee to scan in to events and sessions as many times as required for hours to be calculated, scan in times and frequency are at the discretion of the ITE.

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