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Techstarter Control Technology Kit

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The pack includes : 11 TechStarter Boards, 11 USB cables to power and program the Techstarter 11 battery clips and a few DuPont connectors to get going. Techstarter can be powered with a phone charger or USB from a PC/Mac, or a powerbank. Don't forget to add postage and handling. The IIATE Techstarter board was developed as part of the Digital Literacy Schools Grant project conducted during 2017 2018. This board was developed by IIATE, Intellecta Technologies and DontPanic sTEm support as an easy entry level into physical computing. The board is both a training board and a full control technology solution. It is based around the 20M2 PIC chip from Microchip corporation. It can use PICAXE (from Revolution Technologies UK) programming interface which includes an easy Blockly introduction, BASIC and JavaScript interfaces. The board has built in inputs and outputs, including PWM and InfraRed. An LDR is onboard to simulate analogue input prior to using external sensors. A motor controller, A servo controller, 6 LEDS and 5 switches are on the board so sophisticated code can be demonstrated and modified.

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