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  • 2019 Hands On Technology - Alstonville

2019 Hands On Technology - Alstonville

  • 21 Sep 2019
  • 9:00 AM
  • 22 Sep 2019
  • 1:00 PM
  • Alstonville High School


HOT location & time:

21st & 22nd September

Saturday: Registration from 8:30, courses run: 9 - 4pm

Sunday: 9 - 1

Contact Owen Telfer for more details: 

HOT Details and downloadable PL Flyer:


Workshop Details:

Multimedia: Premiere / After Effects / Cinema 4d lite $450

This course looks at developing beginner to moderate skills using Adobe Premiere and After Effects - For use in Stage 5 and Preliminary I.T Multimedia course. Participants will be introduced to Premiere and After Effects using skills in green screening, masking, rotoscoping, tracking and cinema 4d lite (after effects CC plugin).
Participants will receive sample practical assessment projects for stage 5 and
resources to help in stage 6.

Skateboard Construction $500

In this course participants will learn how to use a vacuum bag to make a skateboard and to create and apply a marquetry design to the board. At the completion of the course you will take away on your very own skateboard deck complete with your own exotic marquetry veneer pattern on it. The additional cost covers the supply of a Thin Air Vacuum Press Kit, mould and pre cut Canadian Rock Maple veneers. This will give you a completed deck and the equipment to manufacture boards at school as well as simple but useful moulds for vacuum forming, including projects beyond the skateboard. You will also need to bring your own block plane. As this will be used in the construction of the board. 

Sketchup $450

Do you think that SketchUp is a ‘Toy’ CAD program that no professional would ever touch? Did you know that NASA use SketchUp? So do many architectural and engineering firms. This is freeware. Don’t know how to start using SketchUp? Have you played around with SketchUp but feel that you have missed some basic tips, shortcuts, page set ups?

Art Metal Work/Jewellery - Stage 4 and 5 $500

This course is intended for those who have never done silver jewellery making before and are looking to introduce it as a Stage 4 option in Technology Mandatory. You will learn how to make a plain silver ring, a twisted ring and a pendant in sterling silver. This is taught from metalworking principles and can be taught in a metalwork room with basic tools.

Taking your laser to the next level $400

In this course you will be introduced to laser cutting and how it could be implemented into a Stage 5 Project, which you will create and take with you, there will also be demonstrating and displaying examples of how to take laser cutting to the next level (how to get that perfect gap-free fit when laser cutting). In this course you will be shown:
- how to use a range of programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator (for laser cutting) along with the laser cutting software to manipulate and refine your design to get that perfect fit, from the raw image you have drawn or downloaded, into the perfect veneer
This workshop will be presented by Tony Wright. Tony is considered one of the leaders in his field for creating elegant laser cut marquetry designs on skateboards and timber boxes. He has over 20 years of experience as a Coordinator of Industrial Arts and as a teacher of Design and Technology. He is passionate about inspiring students with "Kid cool projects" that utilise the technology that is becoming more embedded into our curriculum and will teach you the skills to take your students projects to that next level.

If your school doesn't currently have a laser cutter, then this is a perfect time and opportunity to complete a laser inspired project to take back and show your Principal, the Executive and the P & C about the fantastic opportunities and projects that could inspire your students and introduce them to the Technology of the 21st Century. It will also be a great opportunity to collaborate with local schools and fellow teachers who may be willing to assist you and your senior students to incorporate these skills and techniques into their projects.

Etextiles and Natural Dyeing $450

E textiles - Day 1
This workshop is an introduction to e-textiles aimed to give participants an
understanding of the basic principles of soft electronics. Participants will be introduced to a range of new materials and will explore how these materials can be manipulated to create soft, interactive systems.

Natural dyeing – Day 2 In this workshop, you will see what delicate colours can be obtained from nature's gifts around us - kitchen waste, garden clippings, bush foraging, the local barrista's clean-up - the options are endless!

Learn what can be used in the natural dyeing process. Cover all the basics to get you started and skyrocket your inspiration in natural dyeing. The skills to dye naturally again and again!

River Pours $550

Have you always wanted to know the Tips & Tricks of doing River Pours? How to get rid of those pesky air bubbles in Pour on finishes? Or how to achieve great finishes using recycled timber? What products and requirements for internal and external conditions? This workshop will give you all the Tips & Tricks and correct products to do River Pours and more. By doing your own projects you will be loaded up with heaps of techniques for working with recycled and new timber for making unique woodwork projects. You will gain Tips & Tricks on how to take very ordinary pieces of timber from
fence palings to slab timber and turn them into one off masterpieces. The plan is for you to bring manageable pieces of 2nd hand timber with you to play with over the two days. We will do the pouring / Epoxy coating on Saturday and finishing on Sunday.
We will provide you with a list of goodies (Do not sweat if you do not have timber – we can supply) and tools you will need to bring once advised you have selected our knowledgeable workshop.

Electronics, Embedded Technology and IOT $500

This is a hands-on course honing the skills necessary to support these technologies in your department offerings. The projects and ideas have application across all stages and experience of the technologies opens the possibility of introducing rich STEM experiences.

'Hands on Technology' Two day course will contribute 10 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 6.2.2, 6.3.2, 7.4.2 from the Australian Profesional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Accreditation in NSW.

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