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  • Hands On Technology 2023 - The King's School

Hands On Technology 2023 - The King's School

  • 6 May 2023
  • 9:00 AM
  • 7 May 2023
  • 1:00 PM
  • The King's School


  • For those of you who have done the introduction stage 4 jewellery course, this advanced course will allow to learn how to make some more complicated pieces for jewellery suitable for stage 5 students, such as the built-up ring, belt ring, heart ring, ‘V’ ring, crucifix pendant.
  • This course is intended for those who have never done silver jewellery before and are looking to introduce it as a stage 4 option in Technology (mandatory). You will learn how to make a plain silver ring, a twisted ring and a pendant in sterling silver. This is taught from metalworking principles and can be taught in a metalwork room with quite basic tools.
  • This training course will demonstrate the basics of using Adobe Illustrator to create CAD files for Laser Cutting. During the course you will work through a task suitable for Stage 4 Technology Mandatory (Year 8), focusing on product design and graphics.
  • For teachers who are either new to or not very experienced/confident with working in the timber workshop. Instruction will include hand tools suitable for use with students, as well as machine use suitable for teachers.

    Work with traditional timber techniques creating two projects aimed at students in Years 7-9. The projects will look at a range of production methods, tips and tricks to ensure the greater success for students.

    Suitable tools and materials will be provided.
  • We will cover the foundations of box making using various methods that could be used in a classroom. The course will cover preparation of timber, cutting splined mitre joints, cutting housing joints, veneering plywood, gluing and clamping boxes, fitting butt hinges, and finishing.
  •  This course will cover the following aspects of using Revit and preparing HSC Major Projects
     Create an A3/A2/A1 size sheet template with custom border, title block, logo and North symbol for use with all drawings
     Export all drawings to sheets – then export them to PDF
     Symbol plan - showing all symbols used and what they mean – 1 for site, 1 for regular, 1 for room / bathroom / wet areas, electrical symbols
     Site Plan – shows site, north symbol and foundation
     Set Back Plan – similar to site, includes measurements from boundaries to buildings
     Shadow plan – 9am, 12pm, 3pm
     Electrical diagrams – add switches, lighting, power outlets, main circuit board, lines coloured yellow and dashed
     Plumbing – add in waste (black), hot water (red) and cold water (blue).
     Floor plans – all dimensions, rooms coloured and tagged, rooms show area. Include key
     Elevations - Black + white and rendered
     Elevations – Dimensioned – Black and white.
     Sectional views of all wet areas / rooms - Black + white & Rendered
     Footing view showing all materials - Black + white and rendered, dimensioned and materials labelled
     AC diagrams (if time permits)
     Inventor Furniture Project to be inserted in Revit – Orthogonal view, dimensioned orthogonal, sectional view, detailed view, render, 3D print, high quality render of that product inside your project
     Walkthroughs – rendered. High quality. Do rooms 10-20 seconds. Cut together in a video for marker. 6-minute time limit. Show all rooms and outside. This will wow the marker.
     Renders showing inside and out. High quality - Create accounts for Autodesk. Use free student credits. Or use other rendering software as researched. Expect renders to take a long time
  • deal for MULTIMEDIA, IST, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS STUDIES, SCIENCE, STEM Stages; 4 - 6. (This is a BYOD course) This is an onboarding and collaborative planning session for teachers that want to implement VRCreate in the classroom Hands-on work to develop the overall learning design mapped to timetable, curriculum, workflow and learning outcomes. How to Apply the 5-step framework - Idea, Collaborate, Create Content, Build in VR and Share • Plan the topics • Storyboarding • Student roles • Creating content • Designing in VR: PC is required
  • The course entails a Year 7 Desk Lamp project that incorporates multiple disciplines of technology, ranging from engineering, metalwork, timber, electronics and programming. The project uses a variety of materials in the construction of the lamp, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, timber, and digital components. The lamp base will need to house the digital components. It will be designed according to a chosen theme, using the laser to engrave an image. An Arduino Uno microcontroller will be used in the construction of this project with several components including a programmable RGB LED strip and switch. Program code will be uploaded, tested and used to control the RGB LED strip to flash, and or different light sequences . Tooling, templates and preparation requirements for the project will also be demonstrated.

HOT location & time:

The King's School 6th & 7th May

Saturday: Registration from 8:30, courses run: 9 - 4pm

Sunday: 9 - 1

Contact Owen Telfer for more details: 

Course Information: 

Morning tea and lunch provided both days

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