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UpRising 2023

  • 24 Nov 2022
  • 9:00 AM
  • 8 Aug 2023
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UpRising is an accelerator program offering 50 NSW HSC Design & Technology students the chance to connect with industry, business & community, to get feedback, test their ideas and prototypes & promote their final designs.

It's a simple program that does not add any more to teachers or students' workload. Each year UpRising Design students are offered big opportunities from business & industry to connect and develop their capabilities.

Entries are limited to 3 students per school.

UpRising 2023 Pathway

1. Teachers save three spaces for your Year 12 Design & Technology class by clicking on the registration link in the Events portal 

2. Get three of your students to complete the Terms & Conditions (attached) and email the forms to iTE President at

3. Whilst this is happening ask your three students to create a user account in UpRising. <Available mid January>. 

4. When T&Cs have been received, students will be elevated to Author and can start building their POST of their MDP idea. The first 50 design students to have their T&Cs emailed to iTE will be able to POST their MDP. 

5. All posts will go LIVE early 2023 on UpRising, instantly attracting likes, feedback, offers of assistance, mentorship, technical assistance and or help with supplies of materials. Students respond to comments and feedback to maintain these connections.

6. In April, three student projects will receive Seed Funding through a People's Choice mechanism. Funds provided by the Institute of Technology Education association, iTE

7. At the end of July all projects are voted on by the UpRising Alliance group, with the top three projects / students invited to attend the international Good Design Australia Awards ceremony held at the ICC

See Terms & Conditions

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